Allusion blinds are perfect for large door or window areas. They have the appearance of a sheer voile curtain and offer much more. These blinds can be setup to work like a pair of curtains or to go one side or another. You can easily walk through the fabric and twist and turn the panel sections to gain more privacy and light control much like a vertical blind offers.

Simply operate by using either a wand to twist and turn the panels/slide to the side or cord operated fixed to the wall. You can also motorise your blind.

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Fitted Price Snap Shot Price
Small Door - 150cm W x 200cm D from £524 measured & fitted
Medium Door - 200cm W x 200cm D from £749 measured & fitted
Large Door - 300cm W x 200cm D from £1040 measured & fitted

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Blindsfitted: White Allusion Blind Fitted In Ebbsfleet

White Allusion Blind fitted to french doors in Ebbsfleet, Kent. These blinds offer privacy and light control similar to that of a Vertical blind but with luxurious look of a curtain. Tilt the blind for light control and privacy, slide to the side and walk through the blind with no need to slide out of the way should you need to get outside.

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Blindsfitted: Grey Allusion Blind Fitted In Beckenham

Made to measure Allusion blind fitted to a living room patio door. This blind offers everything a vertical blind does and more. Tilt the blind and you get privacy, Open up the blind fully by sliding to the side and you can walk through the blind when closed if you like. 

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